Saying 'You're Fired' The Right Way

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There's a right way and a wrong way to fire someone.

Firing an employee usually requires more than two words. 

Dick Grote, a management consultant and author, talked to Money Talking host Charlie Herman about how to do it right (and, yes, he has experience... we checked). Grote offered step-by-step advice for getting rid of an employee in the most professional way possible. 

1. Think about it for a while in advance. Grote explains that while the news may come as a shock to the employee, a manager should never fire anyone unless they have thought it through extensively. 

2. If the decision to fire someone is coming from a higher-up, and you disagree, feel free to push back. If you disagree, speak up. But Grote says that, in the end, firing someone is a company decision. As the boss, you need to honor that.

3. Prepare yourself to answer all of the employee's questions. There are no more chances to say "I'll get back to you," Grote explains. Chances are the person who is fired will have questions, and you need to be prepared with answers. 

4. Use past tense. This makes it final to the employee you are firing. 

5. Be direct. Let them know bluntly that they have continually failed to meet expectations.

6. Understand your role. Your role, Grote says, is to be their boss — not a friend. You're allowed to show compassion, but don't tread outside your boundaries as a supervisor.