Savoir Adore: What Remains When Everything Changes

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The new single from Savoir Adore is 'Giants.'

Since the last time we heard from Brooklyn duo Savoir Adore, everything has changed, and nothing has changed. For starters, only half of "the duo" remains from the band's first two records. Principal Deirdre Muro has departed, and singer Paul Hammer has built the band back up from scratch, starting with new performing partner Lauren Zettler, for the band's forthcoming album The Love That Remains. As we noted when we premiered the single "Giants" in Feburary, what "remains" after the reboot is the power of the songs themselves: enormous, striding affairs, bespeaking the ability of studio wizardry to underscore powerful pop hooks. Hammer somewhat famously builds his songs using the studio as a tool, but today he and Zettler join us to reverse engineer some of the new tunes, acoustically rendered in a somewhat more intimate setting than their intended home: a live stage, the bigger the better.