SavedYouAClick Defuses Clickbait Headlines

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@SavedYouAClick is a Twitter account that retweets news outlets clickbait-y headlines and spoils the fake mysteries they've concocted. 

Saved You A Click has been around for a while, but for whatever reason it seems to be picking up a lot of attention this week. Jack Schafer wrote approvingly about it, so did First Look's Jay Rosen

It's not surprising that the people who seem to love this account best are journalists. Because of their trade, they're likely to read more stupid headlines than any reasonable person would choose to. 

That said, I've held off on writing about @SavedYouAClick because the headlines it's deftly mocking just don't bother me very much. They used to, but at some point, I just decided that any tweet or headline that withheld a piece of information was probably doing so because the reveal just wasn't that surprising. And so now my brain processes those tweets the way it processes sponsored content or dubious 'related links.' It filters them out.  

I mention that not SOLELY to brag, in a narrow and pathetic way, about my clickbait digesting sophistication, but also to suggest that you can usually choose to ignore most of what is harmlessly annoying. Either by skipping over it, or by unsubscribing from the feeds that bother you. And if you can't do either of those things (perhaps you have lobster claws for hands, and clicking unfollow is just too onerous) making fun of garbage is always a pretty fine alternate option.