Sanctuary Cities, Immigration And The Wall

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In this file photo, The Rev. Annie Steinberg-Behrman, right, provisional pastor with Metropolitan Community Church, holds a sign while listening to speakers at a meeting at City Hall in San Francisco by city leaders and community activists to reaffirm the city's commitment to being a sanctuary city. (Jeff Chiu/AP)

Sanctuary cities after President Trump’s moves on immigration and wall.

On the campaign trail, Donald Trump promised hard, sweeping changes in American immigration policy. Yesterday, President Trump began to deliver. Ordering immediate construction of a wall facing Mexico. Beginning a sweeping crackdown on illegal immigrants. Blocking refugees. Threatening sanctuary cities with a cutoff in federal funds. This hour in our On Point 100-Day Spotlight on the new administration, the Trump immigration squeeze, and how sanctuary cities will respond. — Tom Ashbrook


Brian Bennett, reporter on national security and immigration for the Los Angeles Times. (@ByBrianBennett)

Avideh Moussavian, policy attorney at the National Immigration Law Center, where she is focused on sanctuary policies. Former board treasurer for Families for Freedom, an anti-deportation community organizing network. (@AvidehNILC)

Julie Myers, CEO of Guidepost Solutions. Former Assistant U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security for Immigration and Customs Enforcement in the George W. Bush Administration. (@MyersWood)

Alan Gomez, immigration reporter with USA Today. (@alangomez)

Suzanne Jones, mayor of the city of Boulder, CO. (@JonesZan)

From Tom’s Reading List

Los Angeles Times: Trump orders moves on border wall and ‘sanctuary cities’ and is considering a refugee ban — “President Trump directed federal workers Wednesday to start building a border wall and begin punishing so-called sanctuary cities and is considering dramatically limiting the flow of people from other countries, including a ban on Syrian refugees, in a flurry of steps that could fundamentally reshape how the U.S. deals with immigration, security and the war on terrorism.

Washington Post: Draft executive order would begin ‘extreme vetting’ of immigrants and visitors to the U.S. — “The Trump administration plans to start vetting would-be immigrants and visitors to the United States based partly on their opinions and ideology, and will immediately cease the resettlement of Syrian refugees in the United States, according to a draft executive order leaked Wednesday to civil rights advocates and obtained by the Washington Post.”

POLITICO: Trump signs orders on border wall, immigration crackdown — “President Donald Trump on Wednesday signed a sweeping set of immigration-related executive actions jumpstarting a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, cracking down on sanctuary cities, and directing significant resources toward swifter deportations for undocumented immigrants currently in the country.”

U.S. Sanctuary Cities



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