Same-Sex Marriage in 2013 and Beyond

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The Supreme Court's ruling in U.S. v. Windsor, the case that declared the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional, marked just one of the many milestones in LGBT rights this year. 

Legislatures in Rhode Island, Delaware, Minnesota, Hawaii and Illinois passed same-sex marriage equality laws throughout 2013, and Colorado's legislature voted for civil unions. Courts in New Jersey, New Mexico and Utah ruled in favor of same-sex marriage, and a federal judge in Ohio recently declared that the state must recognize out-of-state same-sex marriages on death certificates. 

Dale Carpenter, author of "Flagrant Conduct: The Story of Lawrence v. Texas: How a Bedroom Arrest Decriminalized Gay Americans" and professor at the University of Minnesota Law School, examines the state of same-sex marriage rights as 2013 draws to a close, and look ahead to what to expect in 2014.