Russia Puts West on High Alert as Troops Move Into Ukraine

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An amored personnel carrier (APC) rolls on November 12, 2014 on a main road in rebel-territory near the village of Torez, east of Donetsk, in eastern Ukraine.
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Ukraine and the West are on high alert—according to eye witnesses, hundreds of Russian-made vehicles and thousands of Russian troops have crossed the border into Ukraine in the past few days.

“We see forces that appear to be nuclear being moved to Crimea—whether they are nuclear or not, we do not know. But they do have the kind of equipment there that could support that mission,” said General Philip Breedlove, NATO's Supreme Allied Commander, at news conference in Naples, Italy.

In response, the United Nations Security Council convened its 26th emergency session to discuss the situation in Ukraine.

“Russia has negoitated a peace plan and systematically undermined it at every step. It talks of peace but it keeps fueling war,” said U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power.

Kimberly Marten, a professor of political science at Barnard College, Columbia University, explains.