Party of Mandela Tested in South African Elections

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South African voters wearing t-shirts of the National Freedom Party and Inkatha Freedom party (IFP) arrive at a polling station, August 03, 2016.
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South Africa held local municipal elections across the country yesterday. It's the first time the African National Congress (ANC), the ruling party and the party of Nelson Mandela, has faced a serious challenge. 

In a country where more than a quarter of the people are unemployed, corruption scandals and tough economic times have taken a toll on the ANC. Their biggest threat comes from the Democratic Alliance, a party that has been very white in the past, but has made efforts to reach out to black voters. The Democratic Alliance even put forth a leader who has been called "Obama of Soweto." 

Khadija Patel, editor of the Daily Vox, a South African news site, says that early election results suggest the ANC's days may be numbered.