Roseland Ballroom: Your Stories

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Street poster for Lady Gaga's performances at Roseland Ballroom, which will close on April 7.

Another storied New York concert venue is about to close its doors: Roseland Ballroom will cease operations on April 7, after a stylish sendoff/residency from Lady Gaga.

Say goodbye to Roseland Ballroom by sharing a memory of a great concert, a great run-in or a legendary evening. Post your story below, tweet us @Soundcheck, or leave us a voicemail at 866-939-1612

We've included your stories in our look back at Roseland Ballroom today, part of our occasional series Vanished Venues. We also talked with music writer Ira Robbins and New York Times writer Lori Holcomb-Holland, who compiled a timeline of Roseland's history