The Rose-Colored Campaign Glasses of Mike DuHaime

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Chief Strategist for Chris Christie's presidential campaign, Mike DuHaime.
From New Jersey Public Radio

With Mike DuHaime the ballot box is never half-empty.

While much of the media has been posting death notices for the Chris Christie campaign, Mike DuHaime, Chief Strategist for his presidential run, joins us to offer a different view. As New Jersey Public Radio’s Matt Katz puts it, he is “the guy you want to talk to if you’re on your death bed - he’s extremely optimistic.”

But Mike DuHaime has been down before.

While pundits salivate over Donald Trump’s surge in the polls and Jeb Bush’s massive campaign war chest, DuHaime finds hope in recent New Jersey history. Speaking with Christie Tracker Podcast host, David Furst he says, “It is not the candidate with the most money that always wins. In Governor Christie’s own experience running against John Corzine in New Jersey in 2009, we got outspent 3-1 – as a challenger in a very deep blue state. And we still won. Because he was the better candidate.”

Mike DuHaime takes questions from Matt Katz and David Furst on the current state of the campaign.

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