Roll Over Beethoven: Music To Calm Your Dog

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Inspired by Soundcheck producer Katie Bishop's tale of canine separation anxiety woe, today on the show we attempt to get to the bottom of the question -- can music help a dog in distress? 

We hear from a NYC Animal Care & Control behavior supervisor, Jennifer Abrams, about why the organization recently started piping music into their shelters -- and we talk with veterinarian Dr. Pamela Fisher, who started the Rescue Animal MP3 Project, which sends MP3 players loaded with specially designed calming music to shelters like New York City's. 

Plus, we talk with sound researcher and music producer Joshua Leeds, who produces the commercially available "Through A Dog's Ear" music therapy program. He explains what dogs actually hear, and what exactly it is about music that can calm dogs, and why more scientific research is needed in the animal music therapy field. 

Soundcheck listeners: What's your experience been like with music and your pets? Do you leave music on for them when you're not home? Leave a comment below or call 866 939 1612.