Robert Ellis, 'Elephant' (Live At 30A Songwriters Festival)

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Robert Ellis performs "Elephant" live for Folk Alley.

Here's a simple truism: Relationships aren't easy. Each one has its own complications and challenges and, as Texas native Robert Ellis sings in his song "Elephant," each relationship inspires its own questions and speculations. What if we could do things differently? Would we? Should we?

Recorded at the 30A Songwriters Festival in Florida in January, this version of "Elephant" gives you the opportunity to visualize all the complications that come along with being in love. Every emotion you can imagine, every single question and worry you've ever had in your own relationships seems to flit fleetingly across Ellis' face as his fingers fly across the fretboard of his guitar.

He keeps his eyes closed throughout the song — maybe the intensity of his emotions is just too much to handle with his eyes open. And it's true: The visual struggle he shares only serves to accentuate the passion in his voice and the truth in his words.

Set List
  • "Elephant"

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