Robbie Fulks On Mountain Stage

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Robbie Fulks.

Robbie Fulks returns to Mountain Stage, recorded live on the campus of the University of Kentucky in Lexington. One of the architects of alt-country, Fulks has a gift for a wide variety of roots-music sounds, which he employs with a showman's wink and a healthy disrespect for the music industry.

Effortlessly sliding between honky-tonk, country, bluegrass and Replacements-style rock, Fulks has cut a wide swath in his career. He's been a staff songwriter on Nashville's Music Row; worked on ad campaigns for Budweiser, McDonald's, Nickelodeon and Applebee's; hosted his own show, Robbie's Secret Country, on satellite radio; and written for a host of publications, all while remaining a respected sideman and producer.

In 2013, Fulks released the critically acclaimed Gone Away Backwards, while his most recent album, Upland Stories, finds him once again exploring the subversive side of bluegrass and country.

  • "Long I Ride"
  • "Alabama At Night"
  • "Aunt Peg's New Old Man"
  • "The Buck Starts Here"
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