Road Trips

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3 segments
Lonely woods

The woods, they noticed…had gotten stranger, thicker, wilder. Trees had grown to fantastic heights, with long bare trunks and fronded crests…   Elizabeth Spencer, “The Weekend Travelers.”

Guest host Hope Davis presents three tales that involved road trips. Simon Rich takes three brides-to-be to weird places in “Amazing Proposal Stories.” The piece was originally published in The New Yorker, and is read by Tracee Chimo, who has a featured role in “Orange is the New Black,” and has been acclaimed in a variety of stage works including Joshua Harmon’s “Bad Jews.”  

A rural jaunt turns eerie in Elizabeth Spencer’s “The Weekend Travelers,” read by Campbell Scott. Spencer’s many works include the novella “Light in the Piazza,” the basis for the film and musical, and her most recent collection (at 93!) Starting Over. She is a recipient of The Rea Award for the Short Story.

It’s a lifetime of bad motels for two lounge singers with a rocky marriage in Louise Erdrich’s “Best Western,” read by Patricia Kalember.

“Amazing Proposal Stories,” by Simon Rich, read by Tracee Chimo

“The Weekend Travelers,” by Elizabeth Spencer, read by Campbell Scott

“Best Western,” by Louise Erdrich, read by Patricia Kalember


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