Reviving a Tony Award-winning Irish Comedy

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Marie Mullen as Mag Folan, Aisling O'Sullivan as Maureen Folan and Marty Rea as Pato Dooley (reprinted with permission from BAM).

Actors Marie Mullen and Aisling O'Sullivan join us to discuss “Beauty Queen of Leenane.” Ireland’s Druid theater company makes its BAM debut with this 20th anniversary revival of Martin McDonagh’s Tony Award-winning black comedy, the first in his trilogy of plays set in rural Leenane. Forty-year-old spinster Maureen Folan (O’Sullivan) lives with her mother Mag (Mullen) in a dreamless hovel, where the two trade insults and injuries in a vicious cycle of loveless caretaking, until Maureen meets a man who offers the hope of a different life.

"The Beauty Queen of Leenane” is playing at the BAM Harvey Theater at 651 Fulton St. through February 5th. For more information, click here