Rev. James A. Gusweller

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This episode is from the WNYC archives. It may contain language which is no longer politically or socially appropriate.

Rev. Gusweller, Rector of the Episcopalian Church of St. Matthew and St. Timothy and an activist against slum conditions, answers questions about the fight against slum conditions and bribes.

Jay Nelson Tuck moderates.

Panelists: Stan Siegel, Peter Franklin, Jim Farrell, and Frank Zeller.


Tenants say bribing inspectors is very common. City officials are doing all they can, but it's a very difficult problem. People would rather pay fines than pay to fix their buildings. Unrealistic and complex building codes. Discouraging people from coming in to the city is not the solution. Chicago fire. Backs away from criticizing specific commissioners. Fantastically high rents, even when controlled. Landlords who use the lower rents to justify not making repairs. Relocation agencies. Problems creating a sense of community in public housing.

Audio courtesy of the NYC Municipal Archives WNYC Collection

WNYC archives id: 72125
Municipal archives id: LT8289