Exploring America's Racist Housing Policies

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While members of crowd of onlookers display white power signs another man gestures as he expresses views to passing civil rights marchers in Gage Park area on Southwest side in Chicago. Aug. 15, 1966
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This week, our partners at the Retro Report documentary team looks back at the turbulent history of public housing, and the legacy of segregation and inequality that they leave behind.

The movement to end housing discrimination led to violent protests in Chicago in 1966, and it would take another decade and a court order before black residents, sequestered in public housing towers on the south side of Chicago, could apply for vouchers to rent properties in white, middle class neighborhoods. 

Scott Michels, a producer with the Retro Report documentary team, explains, how a little-known public housing program from the 1970s is changing housing policy today.

Check out Retro Report's full film below, and click on the 'Listen' button above to hear our conversation with Scott Michels.