Remembering Those We Lost

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Diwaniya April 7, 2003 - US Marines remove their dead and wounded after an artillery shell scored a direct hit on a US armored vehicle during an attack on Diwaniya Bridge.

Joanne Steen, adviser on line of duty loss and author of Military Widow: A Survival Guide (Naval Institute Press, 2006), takes calls on your Memorial Day tributes as the era of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan comes to a close.

Listeners, give us a call at 212-433-9692 or leave a comment below to honor the men and women you know who were killed as a result of these wars: whether they were serving in the armed forces, working as a contractor in the region, or took his or her own life as a veteran of these two wars. And, if you knew an Iraqi or Afghan civilian who died during one of the wars, give us a call or leave your tribute in the comments.