Remembering Elaine Stritch

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"Elaine Stritch died. She was 89 years old. She was a spectacular, acerbic figure in the American theater and film. I'd like you to hear her, some of her golden moments." - Jonathan Schwartz

She worked, and worked, and worked through all of those years. Sondheim wrote this song, and she performed it in Company... Brought down the house every night. It's about a certain kind of Manhattan woman. Their lives basically, empty and devoid of any particular meaning. Here is Elaine Stritch singing "Ladies Who Lunch"

Rodgers and Hart wrote a song about what a stripper was actually thinking about, as she disrobed. She was a cerebral stripper... an intellect. The references are from that period in the early 1940's, in the show Pal Joey... It's just a very funny idea, magnificently written by Larry Hart the lyrics, and Rodgers the music. Here she is singing "Zip"

This is a song that's so witty and accurate. Noël Coward wrote it for a show called Sail Away that starred Elaine Stritch it wasn't a success but it starred Elaine Stritch... And I want you to hear this song, "Why Do The Wrong People Travel?"

Elaine Stritch, oh such a part of the sound of the 20th Century. She was a piece of business, Elaine Stritch. Bravo, Elaine. Bravo. Here she is at the White House singing "I'm Still Here"