Regina Spektor Returns to Life

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Regina Spektor's new record is called 'Remember Us to Life.'

Songwriter Regina Spektor was born in the then-Soviet Union and moved to the States on the cusp of her teenage years. Her beautiful if oblique and surprising songs very often portray an outsider trying to make sense of things. A perfect fit, then, when the Netflix show Orange is the New Black – which is populated with tough-as-nails outsiders and eccentrics - was looking for someone to write a theme song. But it’s been four years since we’ve had a proper new album from Spektor. Her latest is called Remember Us to Life, and displays an idiosyncratic artist at the top of her game. It's political, it's funny, and it's filled with jarring chord changes and evocative melodic runs that simply won't let your attention wander. Spektor doesn't play local gigs until October 17th (at Town Hall) and 18th (at Rough Trade), but you can catch her in our studio first.