Reformers Rally Outside Moreland Commission Hearing

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Supporters of campaign finance reform rallied outside a hearing held by Governor Cuomo’s commission on public corruption Tuesday evening. They demanded change to what they say is a pay to play culture.

On a day when the husband of a top aid to Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver was criminally charged for allegedly skimming money from a charity to give to political campaigns, Citizen Action’s Jessica Wisneski said her group is even more concerned about what goes on legally in state government all the time. She said corporations and other interests routinely donate large sums to politician’s campaigns.

“I hope they’ll use their subpoena power to absolutely put people on the stand and ask for the truth,” Wisneski said.

Protesters outside the hearing displayed a “wall of shame," featuring pictures and likenesses of dozens of politicians indicted, arrested, convicted or jailed in recent years.

They chanted “money out, voters in," and other slogans.

The Commission will hold more hearings, and then issue a report in December. They have already begun several investigations.