Redditors Unban Mother Jones

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Welcome back to /r/ politics, Mother Jones. 

Today, the moderators behind /r/ politics announced that they've unbanned Mother Jones.The moderators wrote that they'd reviewed twenty-five Mother Jones posts submitted to /r/ politics and found that they were sufficiently high-quality to be acceptable. The moderators say that they will review and unban other websites on a case-by-case basis going forward. 

The moderators say that Mother Jones moved to the front of the unban list because that site's ban got the most media attention. Here are some other sites that are still banned: American Thinker, Gawker, The Huffington Post, The National Review, Salon, and Baltimore's City Paper. The full list of banned sites is here.

Here's their answer as to why they don't just unban all of the banned sites: 

Concerning why we're not unbanning all the impacted domains: We recognize that our biggest mistake in this policy was doing too much too fast. We are determined not to repeat this mistake. If we were to go forward with a complete roll-back while we continue this review process, we would introduce a lot confusion into the subreddit when many of the domains return onto the blacklist. Rather than confuse people even more with ever changing policy, we prefer to keep some sense of stability as we make the changes necessary to bring this policy into line with the valid criticism that we've received.