Red Baraat, A Bhangra Dance Brass Band Street Party

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Red Baraat, Live

The group Red Baraat has become synonymous with a raucous good time, a celebratory mix of bhangra – the dance music of the Punjab region, New Orleans horns, go-go and a bit of hip-hop besides. They’re led by Sunny Jain, who plays the dhol, a traditional two-headed drum slung over the shoulder.  A talented and energetic army of horns, guitar, and percussion instruments rounds out the lineup, wedding the bhangra roots of the dhol to a N’awlins brass funk ‘n’ street party. The band has been busy lately, work-shopping some collaborative explorations, and recording their latest album, Bhangra Pirates, while plotting a series of North American shows celebrating the South Asian Festival of Colors. It’s always a party when Red Baraat comes in, and they’re sure to bring the spark and color to our Soundcheck studio.