Ready To Work

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Vocational education was once a staple of American schooling, preparing some kids for blue-collar futures, while putting others on a path to college. Today, the mantra is "college for all." But not everyone wants to go to college, and nearly two-thirds of jobs don't require a bachelor's degree. Many experts say it's time to bring back career and technical education.

On this episode of American RadioWorks: a look at how vocational education is being reimagined.

"Ready To Work" is part of a four-part series from the acclaimed documentary unit of American Public Media. Revisit the first episode here, the second episode here, and the third episode here.

We'll explore the troubled history of vocational education and see why many people say it's needed now more than ever. Next, we'll spend time at a vocational school in one of America's wealthiest school districts in Lexington, MA. Hear why students choose career and technical education over a traditional track. Then: a trip to Nashville, where failing schools have been turned into so-called "career academies" that focus on technical education.

Airs Saturday, September 13 at 6am on 93.9 FM and 7am and 2pm on AM 820; Airs Sunday, September 14 at 8pm on AM 820

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