Reading Iran: A Literary Look into the Country's Culture

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Over the last three decades, the headlines out of Iran usually include the phrases "nuclear weapons" or "human rights violations." 

But with the possibility of a reset in for relations between the U.S. and Iran, particularly with the new tone from President Hassan Rouhani, Americans may soon hear less about nuclear arms and more about the Iranian people themselves. What is cultural life really like for Iranians? How is the government reflected in their literature, their films, and their theater?

Kamin Mohammadi was born in Iran and lived there until the age of nine, until her family fled after the 1979 Revolution. Her memoir, The Cypress Tree: A Love Letter to Iran takes a personal look at the country’s modern history. 

She explores Iranian culture through a literary lens. To better understand Iran, Mohammadi suggests several books, including My Uncle Napoleon by Iraj Pezeshkzad and The Complete Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi.