The Rare Viral Internet Photo That Contributes To Understanding

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Generally, photos that float around the internet are robbed of context, or hoaxes, or are attributed to events at which they didn't occur. So it's nice to see a photo that went viral, and rather than contribute to misunderstanding, it helped the person who posted it learn more about the world.

Garwood, New Jersey resident Marc Leibowitz took a photo of a house on Tuesday with what he believed was the flag of the militant Islamic group ISIS. He tweeted it, and it was soon picked up by many others, including Glenn Beck.

However, the flag's owner, Mark Dunaway, said that it was actually a symbol of his Muslim faith and not in anyway flown in support of ISIS. Still, he agreed to remove the flag. For his part, Leibowitz says he regrets having posted it, and Dunaway says he accepts the apology. How often does that happen?