Rape Culture debate, former hostage shares story, South Korea's online eating trend 03/24/2014

Monday, March 24, 2014

Q debate: Do we really live in a 'rape culture'? A researcher and Women's Studies prof debate; U.S. journalist and former hostage Shane Bauer on his memoir, A Sliver Of Light; Reporter Jeyup S. Kwaak offers insight into South Korea's online eating trend.


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ericjhenderson from Brooklyn

Stunning conversation on "rape culture." I wish the opposing view had given a more coherent argument. To say that the absence of parental "boycott" of universities or similar protest/protection moves denies history of this and many other crimes and effects of them. Silence on the part of all is a long observed feature. Also, there are protected classes of perpetrators even in legally sanctioned versions of that protection. No one needs to be demonized by category (i.e. men) but I think we missed a round discussion. It is possible that the term is both sensational AND accurate. The numbers are scary. But, perhaps there's something we're missing in men's behaviour or in a policy/culture change that could either stem the rate or at least bring some truth to the guests proposition that the prob is overstated.

Mar. 24 2014 10:33 PM
Aviva Rahmani from New York CIty

I was shocked to hear the uninformed opinions voiced by one of your guests on rape, arguing that rape doesn't exist on campus and if it did, women should be segregated. If you want an intelligent discussion, someone who treats rape victims should have been part of this discussion. The idea of a "rape culture," is provocative and serious and deserved serious discussion. It was trivialized by framing that idea as a discussion about the validity of Feminism or the existence of sexism with a person who expressed unsubstantiated opinions on "the other side." The choice to invite such a person to discuss the premises insulted both your guest and your audience with poor judgement. Data on acquaintance rape, which is what predominantly occurs on campus, is extensive and deserves thoughtful discussion. That was drowned in this shallow and sensationalist approach to a very serious matter.

Mar. 24 2014 10:31 PM

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