Rap Genius Will Probably Survive

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Over at ATD, Peter Kafka reports that Rap Genius, the website that applies Talmudic analysis to hip hop lyrics, has made a licensing deal with Sony/ATV, the world's biggest music publisher.

This follows news yesterday that music publishers are targeting lyrics sites which post their content without permission. Most of the sites are really just content farms, selling ads against lyrics they didn't write.

Rap Genius is a bit different. The site heavily annotates rap lyrics, which made some people (including me) curious about whether they'd try to fight the music publishers in court. It would have been interesting from a copyright geek perspective to see if what Rap Genius does qualifies as fair use, but now we likely won't. 

Kafka points out that Rap Genius still has to make licensing deals with the other publishers, but it seems likely they will. 

UPDATE, 1:30PM Well, this is strange. We posted this story on Twitter and some folks made mild jokes about whether Rap Genius surviving was necessarily a good thing. 

Anyway, Rap Genius responded to let us know that the people in our feed are pimply Girls-obsessives.

Yikes! Not to speak for anyone who follows us on Twitter, but  I really am looking forward to the new Girls season, and curious about how they're going to deal with the fact that the actor who plays Charlie abruptly left the show. 

UPDATE, 2:38PM. OK! All's forgiven.