Randy Weston And Billy Harper: Unearthing The 'Roots Of The Blues'

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Randy Weston performs in the Soundcheck studio.

Randy Weston is one of jazz's most renowned and visionary pianists and composers. Over six decades' Weston has been a true innovator, crafting thoughtful works that seamlessly meld jazz and blues theory with African rhythms.

On his latest recording, The Roots Of The Blues, Weston continues his longstanding musical collaboration with saxophonist Billy Harper -- a soulful partnership that dates back to the 1974. Recorded in early 2013, the duo's record showcases inventive arrangements and improvisations and a shared love for the blues and rich global music traditions. It's another high mark for the distinguished musicians.




Set List:

  • "Roots Of The Nile" (Randy Weston solo piano)
  • "If One Could Only See" (Billy Harper solo sax)
  • "Blues To Senegal" (Weston and Harper duo)