Ralph Nader Diagnoses the Future of the Progressive Movement

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Ralph Nader
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President-Elect Donald Trump's victory in November was a huge win for the Republican Party. The party will take back the White House, hold the Senate and the House of Representatives and be in a position to make at least one, if not more, Supreme Court appointments.

The Republican victory also marks a giant failure of the Democratic Party. Not only did Democrats lose the White House and fail to take back control of the Senate, but during President Barack Obama's eight years in office, the party lost more than 1,000 positions including governorships, Senate and House seats and many more positions on state and local levels. To underscore the challenges that Democrats face, consider this: they have not had this little governmental power on a national and local level since 1928

As Trump begins his term, both parties will be looking at how they redefine their platforms and their message. And we'll be talking a lot about what the future of each party looks like over the next few weeks and months.

Today, one voice who is highly critical of both parties: 

Ralph Nader, the former Green Party presidential candidate and author of "Animal Envy", has been working his entire political life to bring a liberal third-party sensibility to the mainstream. He says the Democratic Party has a long way to go if it's going to be able to harness the power and energy of progressivism under President-elect Trump.