Quilt: A Warm Patchwork Of Sixties Pop

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Quilt performs in the Soundcheck studio.

Like its cute namesake implies, Quilt's music is a deeply layered patchwork: There's hints of Eastern rhythms, gauzy pop, and traditional folk music. But mostly, Quilt's songs lean on the strains of 1960's psychedelic rock and folk with touches of The Byrds, Skip Spence, The Zombies, or the Mamas and the Papas. But despite these references to West Coast pop and the Summer of Love, Quilt was born in Boston, where the band --Anna Fox Rochinski, Shane Butler, and John Andrews -- met studying at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts. 

After its very fine 2011 debut, Quilt now returns with its follow-up, Held In Splendor, an album recorded last spring at Mexican Summer's studio in Brooklyn. Listening to colorful multi-part songs like "Arctic Shark" or "Tie Up The Tides," it's easy to hear that transition to warmer weather -- this is lovely music that blossoms with wind-swept orchestral flourishes and seamless vocal harmonies. With Held In Splendor (out Jan. 28), Quilt creates a dreamy but familiar musical world that envelops your headphones; one you'll find yourself turning to for comfort time and again.

Hear the band play songs from its latest album in the Soundcheck studio.


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Set List:

  • "Arctic Shark"
  • "Tired & Buttered"
  • "Tie Up The Tides"