Watch Winning Six-Second Vine Films

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For most of us, this year's snowstorm blitz was a drag. But Queens artist Lawrence Becker made the most of it, and the Tribeca Film Festival took note.

The festival, which kicked off Wednesday, named Becker one of its five #6SecFilm competition winners for his short "The Vortex Finds a Host."

The short is part of a film he is making entirely out of Vines, a mobile app that allows users to make looping video clips.

"All the snow we've had this year in New York just sort of inspired me to go out and play," Becker said. "I made so many snow animations that it started to turn into a story by itself."

 Tribeca's #6SecFilm contest, now in its second year, received 536 entries from 24 countries. The Vine app itself is only a year old, but has become a new medium for creative storytellers.

Even though his winning entry is just six seconds long, Becker says the award is still an honor.

"It does have sort of a surreal feeling for me, just being a Tribeca film festival winner," Becker said. "It feels nice."

The rest of the winning Vines are available below.