Q Brothers Refashion Shakespeare's Othello As Hip-Hop

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Othello: The Remix, (GQ, Postell Pringle, Jackson Doran, JQ)

The Q Brothers deliver the Shakespearean story of Othello, remixed into a one-act of friendship, jealousy, betrayal, murder, & suicide - swapping iambic pentameter for the funky fours of hip-hop rhythms.

In this re-imagining, MC Othello is the music mogul who rises to the top; Desdemona is the beautiful soul singer whose voice helped him achieve stardom. Then there’s MC Othello’s crew of Cassio, a “glitzy pop music rapper”; Iago, a hip-hop purist; and Rodrigo, a lighting designer on tour. Three of the four main characters, Postell Pringle (Othello), Jackson Doran (Cassio/Emilia), and GQ (Iago/Brabantio), join John Schaefer in the studio to perform their modern twist on this Shakespeare classic.