Public Radio Bracket: Help Studio 360 Go All The Way

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March Madness is here. As a public radio show about the arts, that means next to nothing to us. But this year, KPCC in Los Angeles has made its own bracket. Instead of college basketball teams going head-to-head, it’s all your favorite public radio shows facing off for bragging rights.

We aren’t afraid to admit that we’re in it to win it.

UPDATE 3/26: We didn't win, but we've still got the best listeners on public radio. Thanks to everyone who voted!


UPDATE: 3/23: We won Round 2! Thanks to everyone who voted.
And a tip of the hat to the brilliant Brian Lehrer.

ROUND 3: Radiolab


We know we're the underdog in this fight. We are unafraid. But to survive, we need every vote you've got!




(Kurt and Katniss via Nick Fountain)

UPDATE 3/19: We won Round 1! Thanks so much for your votes.

ROUND 2: The Brian Lehrer Show

Round 2: Brian vs. Kurt

ROUND 1: Ask Me Another

Three reasons to choose 360 over Ask Me Another:

  1. Our engineer can dunk (and leads the network in scoring).
  2. Seniority.
  3. There aren’t any losers at the end of a Studio 360 hour.

Your vote for Studio 360 is a vote for the arts — a vote for culture — a vote for humanity.