The Procrastinator's Guide to Getting Insured

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Want insurance coverage in place for New Year's Day, 2014? Time is running out, so here's what you need to do.

You have until Dec 23 to enroll, and with all the computer problems the state-run and federal exchange websites have been having, advocates suggest not leaving it until the last minute.

In theory, for active insurance on Jan. 1, you not only have to have enrolled by next Monday, but you have to have paid the first premium by January 10th. As a practical matter, it's not clear how that will work. Many insurance purchasers on the exchange have reported delays in getting invoices and confirmations of payment.

Every day this week, WNYC is talking with Charles Ornstein of ProPublica about what people need to know about enrollment.

Day 1 — The Basics: If you've put off buying insurance, we tell you how enrollment works: who has to do it, and what happens if you don't.

Day 2 — The Hidden Costs: Getting beyond the premium to understand what insurance will really cost you.

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Day 3 — What if my insurance was cancelled? Thousands of New Yorkers and New Jersey residents were told that their insurance was getting cancelled because of the ACA. What options do they have?

Day 4 If I get insurance through my job - what's changing for me?

Day 5 How do you make sure you have insurance if you've signed up? Once you've enrolled, you need to follow up with your insurer to make sure your premium is paid in full.

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