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Preview: Alpha Dad Gets Snipped

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In a lot of ways, vasectomies couldn’t have asked for a better spokesman than Australian Clint Greagen: weightlifter, Australian football fanatic, loving husband, and stay-at-home father of four who blogs about pretty much everything. Including the time he got his vas deferens cut by a man named Dr. Snip.

Here in the U.S., the pill is the most commonly used form of birth control. Second is female sterilization — procedures like women getting their tubes tied -- which is a more common form of contraception than condoms. But urologists say that vasectomies are simpler, safer, faster, and less expensive.

Why don't men get vasectomies more often? The answer may have to do with our assumptions -- and our insecurities -- about gender roles. Which is something Clint had to deal with long before going under the knife. He left the workforce about six years ago to raise his children, and that switch took some adjustment.

But all this change has paid off. When I spoke with him recently, he talked about getting used to the stay-at-home dad life, rethinking masculinity, and experiencing the sexual freedom that comes after two easy snips.

Hear a preview of my conversation with Clint Greagen; the full episode comes out July 2.

Safe For Work (sort of): Dr. Snip performs a vasectomy on Clint Greagen: