Post-Minimalist Keyboard Works


For this New Sounds show, listen to post-minimalist works  that are somewhat keyboard-centric.  Hear music by Daniel Wohl, from the musicians of TRANSIT, and featuring vocals by Julia Holter.   There’s also music from French composer Sylvain Chaveau, from a collection of works for cinema, along with another piece used in film by Clint Mansell, his “Welcome to Lunar Industries.”  Plus, the Irish composer Simon O’Connor reworks J.S. Bach for the Ergodos Musicians, and a multi-part work by Nico Muhly from his “Drones” release.

PROGRAM # 3459, Post-Minimalist Keyboard Works (First aired on 4/25/2013)                                                    





Nico Muhly


Material In D, excerpt [1:00]

Bedroom Community HVALUR16

Clint Mansell

Moon (Original Soundtrack)

Welcome to Lunar Industries [7:11]

Black Records / Universal (Pty) Ltd. - #CMCD 001
Available at, iTunes,

Sylvain Chaveau

Simple (Rare and unreleased pieces 1998-2010)

Au nombre des choses [5:41]

FatCat 130701

Daniel Wohl (with Julia Holter & Transit)

Corps Exquis

Corpus [5:27]

New Amsterdam NWAM048

Sylvain Chauveau

Simple (Rare and unreleased pieces 1998-2010)

Within the Orderly Life [6:21]

FatCat 130701

Ergodos Musicians

I Call to You

Simon O'Connor : Ich ruf zu dir, Herr Jesus Christ (J.S. Bach) [6:43]

ER 9

Moon Ate the Dark

Moon Ate the Dark

Capsules 11 [4:49]

Sonic Pieces 014

Nico Muhly


Part I Material in D [3:50]
Part II Material in a Handsome Stack [2:52]
Part III Material with No Tricks [1:55]
Part IV Material in a Long Cadence [4:47]

Bedroom Community HVALUR16