52 Days Until the Election: What's Up With The Polls?

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“This was an ailment that many people just power through and that's what I thought I'd do as well. I didn't want to stop. I didn't want to quit campaigning. I certainly didn't want to miss the 9/11 memorial; as a Senator at that time I consider it a sacred moment and I was determined to get there. It didn't work out, so I got the antibiotics up and going, got the rest that I needed and we're going on from there.”

That was Hillary Clinton yesterday in Greensboro, North Carolina where she returned to the campaign trail yesterday after a short hiatus to recover from pneumonia. Before she answered a few questions from the press she tried to make up for lost time by laying out what she sees as the main stakes in this election.

“This is about the kind of country we want to be; whether we'll make the economy work for everybody and not just those at the top; whether we will bring people together or pit Americans against each other; whether we'll work with our allies to keep us safe or put a loose cannon in charge who would risk everything,” said Clinton. 

Donald Trump has been playing it more presidential during her absence. At the Economic Club yesterday, a reserved Trump read from notes.

“It's a silent nation of jobless Americans and look no further and I mean no further all you have to do is look at Flint where I spent a lot of time the city of Flint and what a disaster has taken place. The jobs have been stripped from the community and its infrastructure has totally collapsed, ” Trump concluded.

Recent polls show that the gap between Trump and Clinton is closing. Both candidates have 52 days to make their case to try to sway any undecided voters their way.  But what do fluctuation in polls mean at this point in the election, and how much are they likely to change in the future?

Michael Ramlet, is CEO and co-founder of Morning Consult, a nonpartisan media and survey research company.