A Pop Song Written Using iOS's Predictive Text Feature

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The new iOS update for iPhone included a "predictive text" box that will guess what you would like to say next in any given sentence. It doesn't just autocomplete words - it actually predicts what you're planning to say next. Or at least it tries to. Pressing it over and over again will string together impressive volumes of gibberish. A sample I just got from my phone: "Thanks to my mom just said the company has a great way of the day before I get a follow." People have already tried using it for things like Tinder. Now, YouTuber Jonathan Mann has written a song using only predictive text.

Mann is sort of like the Matt Farley of YouTube - he's uploaded a song a day since 2009, and they range from the creative to the mundane. I really like this idea, though. Songwriting is a process that is usually pretty refined, and it's very infrequent that there's a way to even introduce chaos to it.

The joke runs dry about halfway through the song, but it's a really fun exercise in chance, and the limitations of technology. It ends up sounding like a computer generated cut-up, and since predictive text leans heavily on words like "great," "good," "love," and "best," it ends up being a pretty cheery song.