Pop Culture Happy Hour: 2016 Favorites And Unfinished Business

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Pop Culture Happy Hour's picks for 2016 include <em>The New Yorker</em> profile of Leslie Jones, <em>Fleabag </em>on Amazon, musician Mitski and HBO's <em>Veep</em>.

[If you're looking for the audio of this week's show, it's in a slightly different place than usual for boring technical reasons — it's over on the right or right above you, depending on how you're viewing this page.]

You know Sam Sanders as the host of the NPR Politics Podcast — a project from which he's about to move on to new and exciting stuff. But you also know him as one of Pop Culture Happy Hour's new fourth chairs of 2016, so who better to join us to talk about some of our favorite things from this year?

There is so much good stuff in this show — music from old and new artists, television and film scoring, indie films, documentaries, my favorite food writer, oodles of wonderfully idiosyncratic television — that the best way to show it all to you is to just show you my notes.

After we get through our favorites, we'll catch you up on how some past shows played out, including our summer movie preview and our fall TV pool. And as always, we close with what's making us happy this week — which is also at the bottom of those same notes.

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