Chicago Reacts to Another Police Shooting Video

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Chicago Police Officers close off and secure a street ahead of a planned protest march on April 15, 2015.
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On Friday, the Chicago Police Department released footage from officer-involved shooting where 18-year-old Paul O'Neal, who was black, was fatally shot in the back. The shooting had happened one week earlier.

The video, which does not show footage of the moment of fatal shooting, shows officers firing at least 10 shots at a car that had been reported stolen after. The footage also shows officers running through a backyard and handcuffing O'Neal as he lay on the ground, soaked in blood. The footage captured one of the officers saying “They shot at us, too, right?" It was later revealed that O'Neal was unarmed.

This is a major test for Chicago Police Department Superintendent Eddie Johnson, who was appointed in March. His biggest task has been to restore the community's trust in the police department, and this shooting could be a serious setback.

Lori Lightfoot, a partner at the law firm Mayer Brown and president of the Chicago Police Board, an independent civilian oversight group, joins us to explain the issue.