The War On Podcasts

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Via Ars, news that the Electronic Frontier Foundation is pursuing a patent troll who's been targeting podcasters. 

The company is called Personal Audio, and they've been seeking so-called licensing fees from a variety of podcasts. Personal Audio says that the technology is a rip-off of their earlier innovation, but the EFF has examples of podcasts that predate Personal Audio. 

Yesterday, the EFF filed a petition for inter partes review, which is meant to call into question Personal Audio's patent claim in court. It'll be nice if this means that the fight will soon be over. Podcasters are a particularly vulnerable group for patent trolls because, with the exception of a select few, they tend to have little money and little institutional support. That makes them attractive to patent trolls, who depend on their targets settling to avoid an expensive legal battle.

You can see the EFF's filing here. For an amusing sidenote, head over to Personal Audio's webpage. When was the last time you visited the homepage of a legitimate company whose homepage just bragged about their patent lawsuit victories?