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Friday, September 27, 2013

Marjorie Shaffer, author of Pepper, and Andrew Smith, food historian, discuss pepper, the world’s most popular spice—from pepper’s role in bringing the Europeans, and later the Americans, to Asia to the many ways to use pepper to enhance your cooking!


Marjorie Shaffer and Andrew Smith

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antonio from baySide

Sodium is salt, what is peppers chemical partner?

Sep. 27 2013 01:51 PM
Sean Foley from Lexington, KY

I have had the pleasure of trying Long Pepper (piper longum). It is like black pepper but maybe a bit hotter, with some earthy and sweet notes. If you see it in the spice aisle I recommend you try it if you like black pepper, it is an interesting change of pace.

Sep. 27 2013 01:40 PM
Brian from Rockaway

Is there something chemically suitable that makes pepper a compliment to food or is it just something that has been passed down culturally that has it so ubiquitous to dining tables?

Sep. 27 2013 01:40 PM
Debra from New York

Could you please address the recent FDA findings as reported in the NYTimes and on NPR about spices and salmonella -- with pepper being reported as one of the worst contaminated spices?

Sep. 27 2013 01:39 PM
Brian from Brooklyn, NY

What causes the specific numbing sensation of Sichzuan peppercorns?

Sep. 27 2013 01:39 PM
Tom from upper west side

Daniel Boorstein in "The Discoverers" claims that salt and pepper have come down to us as table-mates because it was used to ameleorate the gag reflex that kicked in from food heavily preserved in salt.

Sep. 27 2013 01:37 PM
Sheldon from Brooklyn

Like other spices, how has the taste and quality of the peppercorn suffered due to mass production?

Are the pre-ground brands, seen in super-markets are ever worth buying?

Sep. 27 2013 01:37 PM
Rudi from queens

Why does black pepper (and only BLACK papper) multiply the health benefits of turmeric something like a thousand-fold?

Sep. 27 2013 01:33 PM
Jeff from Seattle

I had a biology professor in undergrad who did a lot of research in the rain forest, and he said he refused to allow pepper in his home because of it's contribution to destroying the rain forest. Can you speak to that?

Sep. 27 2013 01:31 PM
Sheldon from Brooklyn

I grew up calling chilies "pepper." Are they and what we call bell peppers, any way related to the plant that produces the "peppercorn" ?

Sep. 27 2013 01:00 PM
Alyson Slutzky from Maplewood, Nzj

I have a house in the Berkshires with 2 apple trees. Our apples are little and have brown spots on them. What should I do with them? Make applesauce? Anything else?

Sep. 27 2013 12:49 PM

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