Pick Me, Carmelo! Pick Me!

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Several NBA teams are making lofty proposals to superstar player Carmelo Anthony in hopes of luring him to their franchise.

Anthony, who opted out of the last year of his contract with the Knicks to test the free agent market, met with the Chicago Bulls yesterday. The Bulls dressed up their arena for Anthony, displaying several photos of him sporting their team jersey on digital monitors near the venue, according to The New York Times. Chicago also enlisted their own star players, like former NBA MVP Derrick Rose, to pitch their championship aspirations to Anthony.

On Wednesday, Anthony will meet with the Houston Rockets and team stars Dwight Howard and James Harden. Howard reportedly wants to play alongside Anthony badly and even attempted to track down the former Knicks’ cell phone number, according to ESPN. Later this week, the Dallas Mavericks and Kobe Bryant’s Los Angeles Lakers will get their shot. 

But Knicks fans should stay hopeful: New York can offer Anthony more money than any other team — $129 million over five years. Anthony will meet with the Knicks’ team officials, including Phil Jackson, the Knicks's new president, on the last stop of his free agent tour.