#3639: Piano Dances

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For this New Sounds, listen to dances for the piano, including works by G.I. Gurdjieff, Francesco Tristano, John Adams, and Tim Hecker on this New Sounds. There are combinations of piano and cello, piano and electronics, music for two pianos, and more. Hear music from the early 20th century mystic, composer, and philosopher Armenian G.I. Gurdjieff, who together with his disciple, the Russian composer Thomas deHartmann, created several cycles of piano works. Listen to an arrangement of Gurdjieff/de Hartmann’s music from cellist Anja Lechner and pianist/composer Francois Couturier, from their forthcoming record, “Moderato Cantabile.” 

Then, there’s an early minimalist work from John Adams, the trance “China Gates,” played by Orli Shaham. Plus, listen to Francesco Tristano’s musical homages to Barcelona club music, in solo piano arrangements of techno, house and other electronic dance music. That, and more minimalist piano-based sketches from the Canadian electronic musician and sound artist Tim Hecker.

PROGRAM #3639, Piano Dances (First aired on 9/18/2014)  





Franceso Tristano

Not for Piano

The Bells [5:54]

inFine/Sunnyside Records SSC1185
Available at Emusic.com or iTunes.

Anja Lechner - Francois Couturier

Moderato cantabile

G. I. Gurdjieff: Sayyid chant and dance no 3, Hymn no 7 [6:37]
Couturier: Voyage [5:27]

ECM 2367

Alice Sara Ott & Franceso Tristano, pianos


Tristano: A Soft Shell Groove [7:05]

DG 479 3541

Cecil Lytle, piano

The Music of Gurdjieff / De Hartmann

Gurdjieff/de Hartmann - No. 33 / Kurdish Melody from Isfahan [2:25]

Celestial Harmonies 6 CD boxed set 19904

Also available at Amazon.com

Orli Shaham, piano

American Grace

John Adams: China Gates [4:45]

Canary Classics CC 11

Franceso Tristano

Not for Piano

Derek May: Strings Of Life [7:15]

See above.

Tim Hecker

Musicworks, #114

Sketch 5 (Dropped Pianos) [4:57]

Appears on the free compilation CD with the Music Works magazine.

Also appears on Hecker’s EP “Dropped Pianos”- Kranky #161