#3500: Pianist Composers

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Listen to music by pianist/composers in a nocturnal vein on this New Sounds program.  There’s music from the Berlin-based pianist and piano-builder Davide Martello, who may be best known for showing up with his hand-made grand piano during the protests in Taksim Square to "inspire politicians through music."  Also, listen to music from Italian pianist/composer Ludovico Einaudi along with music by the late Dutch composer Simeon Ten Holt. 

There’s also piano music by the French composer Sylvain Chauveau that incorporates electronics – “It’s a Dark Night in Berlin.”  Plus, a work for piano and ensemble by Norway’s Ketil Bjørnstad and music from Canada-based composer Lubomyr Melnyk, who employs music in a continuous mode in his “Nightrail from the Sun.” And more.

PROGRAM #3500 – Pianist/Composers (First aired on 8/13/2013)        

ARTIST: Davide Martello
WORK: Solid, excerpt [1:40]
RECORDING: le Melodie notturne
SOURCE: davidemartello.com

ARTIST: Ludovico Einaudi
WORK: Uno [3:44]
RECORDING: Divernire
SOURCE: PONDEROSA CD 035  /  4758102 
INFO: ludovicoeinaudi.com

ARTIST: Sylvain Chauveau
WORK: Il Fait Nuit Noire á Berlin (It’s a Dark Night in Berlin) [2:14]
RECORDING: Une autre Decembre
SOURCE: Fat Cat Records - #CD13 02

ARTIST: Davide Martello
WORK: Osservandoti dal sole [4:45]
RECORDING: le Melodie notturne
SOURCE: davidemartello.com

ARTIST: Davide Martello
WORK: Solid [4:47]
RECORDING: le Melodie notturne
SOURCE: davidemartello.com

ARTIST: Ketil Bjørnstad
WORK: La Notte I [6:48]
INFO: ecmrecords.com

ARTIST: Lubomyr Melnyk
WORK: Nightrail from the Sun [13:07]
RECORDING: Corollaries
SOURCE: Erased Tapes ERATP048CD

ARTIST: Jeroen van Veen, piano
WORK: Simeon Ten Holt: Solodevilsdance IV, excerpt [13:09]
RECORDING: Simeon Ten Holt: Solo Piano Music Vol. 1-5
SOURCE: Brilliant Classics 9434 5 CD box
INFO: www.simeontenholt.com OR download from