Photography Roundtable: The Most Powerful Images of 2016

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A photo from the protests at the Dakota Access Pipeline, Nov. 20, 2016. Photographer Stephanie Keith chose this as her top photo of the year.
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This morning, The New York Times posted its annual "Year in Photos." It's a list of some of the most striking photos that were published in 2016. These pictures also tell the biggest stories of the year.

Jeffrey Henson Scales, photo editor at The New York Times, sifted through around 200,000 photos with his co-editors Beth Flynn and Meaghan Looram to make this list of 130 images. Only 50 of those will be printed in the Sunday Review. He thought this image from the election was "quite moving."

TIME magazine released its "Top 100 Photos of the Year 2016" list earlier this month. A photo of Hillary Clinton celebrating her nomination at the Democratic National Convention by photographer Ben Lowy (see below), who covered the election for the publication, made the list.

NBC's "The Year in Pictures: 2016" included a Reuters photo taken by Stephanie Keith. The image (see above) shows police shooting water cannons at demonstrators protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Henson Scales, Lowy, and Keith join The Takeaway to discuss the year in photos, and what it was like to capture 2016. Click on the 'Listen' button above to hear the full conversation.


Which photo from 2016 resonated with you the most? Here's what some other photographers and Takeaway listeners had to say:

Photographer Steve Dykes felt the powerful energy in the room when a bird landed on the podium that Sen. Bernie Sanders was speaking in front of. He described the moment as "hopeful."


Photographer Louisa Gouliamaki says that these two pictures represent a defining moment of the refugee crisis.

Brian Cassella, photojournalist for The Chicago Tribune, snapped the following iconic photo after The Cubs won the 2016 World Series. He said that after so many years of "heartbreak", this picture can be seen as the capstone of a 108 year wait.


Takeaway Digital Producer T. J. Raphael chose this photo. "It just feels like this picture captures the energy and movement that was behind the Trump campaign," she says.  


Takeaway listener Tony from Texas chose the below photo. He says: "The photo of the boy in the ambulance in Aleppo. It is the face of every other photo I have collected of all of the genocides that mankind has inflicted on one another throughout history. I am ashamed for humanity that, even today after all of the past, we have not learned."


Listener Jessie from New Jersey: "The photo that resonates most with me from 2016? That's easy: It's the photo from the Hillary camp late in the night of the election — the one with the woman with her hands over her mouth. That's exactly how I felt. Shocked nauseated and frightened out of my mind. I didn't sleep for days after that." 


Listener Karen from New York: "The picture that resonated with me was the picture of Hillary walking in the woods with her dog the day after she lost the election. This photo finally humanized her as an ordinary woman trying to do extraordinary things. Sadly, this portrait seemed to be displayed a day too late."

A listener from Saint Albans, Vermont says: "Donald Trump giving a thumbs up. I'm quite happy Hillary is not the president-elect, but am still a bit leery of Trump and the cabinet picks he's announcing."


A listener from Orlando, Florida says: "Jonathan Bachman's photo of Ieshia Evans standing up to the police state in Baton Rouge has become a metaphor for human rights vs. wealth and establishment in America, for me this year."


Which photo resonated with you the most this year? Tweet us a picture @TheTakeaway, or leave a link in the comments below.