Philanthropy And Justice: Investing To Make A Difference

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A historical marker commemorating the lynching of Anthony P. Crawford in Abbeville, S.C. The ceremony unveiling the marker was part of Equal Justice Initiative’s Community Remembrance Project, a campaign to recognize the victims of lynching. (Courtesy)

As the founder of the Equal Justice Initiative (EJI), Bryan Stevenson has worked for decades on behalf of the incarcerated. He’s helped reverse decisions for 115 wrongly-convicted death-row inmates. The EJI has also taken on researching and memorializing lynching victims.

Recently, a private foundation belonging to Bain Capital Co-Managing Partner Jonathan Lavine and his wife Jeannie stepped up with a million dollar donation — money that, Stevenson says, will be a game changer.

Lavine and Stevenson join Here & Now‘s Robin Young to discuss philanthropy and the EJI’s recent achievements.


Bryan Stevenson, founder and executive director of the Equal Justice Initiative. He tweets @eji_org,

Jonathan Lavine, co-managing partner of Bain Capital. He tweets @Jonathan_Lavine.

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