Peter, Bjorn, & John Reach Their Breakin' Point

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Peter Bjorn & John's new record is 'Breakin' Point.'

It's been a whole decade since the Swedish trio known as Peter Bjorn and John burst on the scene with the indelibly catchy "Young Folks,” which featured the best use of whistling since Billy Joel’s “The Stranger.” This year Peter Bjorn and John are marking the tenth anniversary of their breakout hit—and moving on with a new batch of songs, on a meticulously-produced new album called Breakin’ Point. Whether the title is a sly commentary on the pitfalls of landing a chart-topper, or a nod to a fresh start, the band visits the studio to play a few of the new tunes—well, almost the whole band. Peter & Bjorn (minus John) bring an interesting duo perspective to the new material, which bears all the hooks and flourishes that have become hallmarks of their career thus far.