Best of Pete Seeger, from Beethoven to the the Folk Music Almanac

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Pete Seeger at WNYC in 2012, next to a picture of himself at WNYC in 1941

Pete Seeger, who died on January 27 at age 94, had a long association with WNYC. A frequent visitor to Oscar Brand's long-running Folksong Festival, Seeger had his own WNYC show for a while in 1946. Seeger loved the American folk tradition, and used those songs not only to entertain his audience, but also to inspire in them a sense of connection, participation, and community.

David Garland presents some Seeger highlights from WNYC's Archive, including one of Seeger's 1946 shows in which he sings, accompanying himself on banjo; plus music and interview excerpts from a 1986 edition of Dave Sear's Folk Music Almanac program. In addition you'll hear Seeger play Beethoven on banjo, and sing his own nine-minute lullaby, "One Grain of Sand."