The Perks Of Cell Phone Hell

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T-Mobile has created a newly complicated web of cell phone plans on the market. If you do your homework, it might actually be the best time to buy a plan.

If you've stepped into a mobile phone store recently, you know the cell phone market is not exactly dummy-proof right now. Carriers have created a series of charts and graphs to explain a newly complicated web of options for cell phone users.

On its face, the change to the market makes it look like plans got more convoluted and phones got much more expensive. But the first mover in the market shift, T-Mobile, actually just made phone pricing radically more transparent and plans more customize-able. If you do your homework, it might be the best time to score a deal on the cell phone market.

Listen to Money Talking host Charlie Herman wade through the details with Tim Stenovec from TechInsider and Ian Kar from Quartz, just in time for your holiday shopping.